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Your Edmonton business is important. With Henning Byrne’s experienced and knowledgeable team, you can be sure you’re in good hands. While this area of practice is broad, our primary corporate and commercial interests include matters related to business incorporation, as well as business purchases and sales.

Our Henning Byrne Corporate Lawyers have many years of experience. Contact Del Lewis, or Damien Meardi for more information.

Edmonton Corporate Law, Commercial Law & Business Lawyers

Our Henning Byrne LLP law office in Edmonton, Alberta has extensive experience and expertise in all areas of Corporate Law and Commercial Law. This is also sometimes referred to as Business Law. Our business lawyers have experience with all types of business organizations and the laws that govern them. Not understanding the law that governs your business, can put it at risk. It is important to get the help that you need so that you can focus on what you are great at: running your business.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to provide more than technical legal advice. We can also act in an advisory role to ensure you understand the implications of the decisions and agreements made. Henning Byrne is also able to represent you in any business-related litigation.

Commercial or Business Lawyers in Edmonton

Seeking out business legal advice from a trusted Edmonton business law firm is crucial to the success of your startup. For instance, consulting with a business lawyer can help you decide whether you should operate as a corporation, partnership, or as a sole practitioner. This important decision will have a significant impact on your company—particularly regarding your business taxes.

Henning Byrne LLP was built around business law and has helped local restaurants, professional companies, accounting firms, architecture firms, tech startups, and small-to-medium sized businesses to grow. Whether your business is a private or public company, our business lawyers can help with your incorporation at both the provincial and federal level. In addition, our team offers custom-tailored small business legal consultations, which serve as a great opportunity to identify the relevant legal considerations your company might encounter.

Acquisitions and Dispositions in Edmonton

Whether you just love running your business, are buying a new one, selling an existing one or passing your business on to the next generation, we can help. from a corporate law perspective (and tax law as well) properly structuring your acquisition or disposition of a corporation is important to complete right from the start. Our experienced Henning Byrne Associates will walk you through each step.

  • Buying a Business - Shares or Assets

  • Corporate Asset Sales

  • Selling a Business - Shares or Assets

  • Starting Up A New Business

  • Corporate Structure

  • Contracts and Agreements


Edmonton Incorporation

Properly structuring and maintaining your corporation is as important as setting one up in the first place. Our experienced Henning Byrne Lawyers will explain your options, the pros and cons of each and then help you implement your decision.

  • Corporate Restructuring and Reorganizations

  • Share Transfers

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Partnerships

  • Incorporating a Business

  • Corporate Securities

  • Trade Names, Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks

  • Corporate Name Changes

  • Maintaining Corporate Minute Books

  • Act as Registered Office for Corporations

  • Annual returns - as required by Legislation

  • Dissolving Alberta Companies

  • Corporate Agreements

  • Unanimous Shareholders and Agreements

  • Charities, Clubs and Not for Profits

Edmonton Corporate Agreements

Properly drafted corporate agreements can make the running of a business much easier. Generally, the cost of properly setting up your agreement us much lower than people expect. It is also much lower and less stressful than when clients discover, too late, that they do not have a properly drafted agreement in place. Some clients operate with none at all. We are happy to assist with the following corporate agreements:

  • Unanimous shareholder agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Franchise Law

  • Service Agreements

  • Corporate Financing

  • Reviewing or drafting agreements (from asset purchase and sale agreements, shareholder agreements, to service agreements)

Edmonton Corporate Policies and Procedures

There are many corporate policies that businesses need to protect themselves. These include, anti spam policies, corporate governance policies and more. Our Edmonton Lawyers have experience in various corporate polices and procedures that may or should be implemented by your business.

  • Other Corporate Services

  • Employment Law

  • Litigation

  • Employee Immigration including Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Corporate law affects every aspect of a business. Henning Byrne can help you to ensure that your business is run legally and efficiently. We can also help minimize collections and reduce your liability. With corporate law, regular corporate maintenance, can save you thousands down the road.

We believe that the law is about the people who practice it. Our local corporate lawyers work with our clients to ensure that they stay one step ahead of problems.